Wine of Mr. Malkovich

I won’t lie and quite frankly, there’s no need to ever lie about anything like this. I am a HUGE fan of John Malkovich. He is a great actor, plain and simple. He is especially great at playing one of these two characters: The villain and the crazy person. Yes, I know he has done many other roles amazingly well, but villain and crazy are my favorite.
Then I find out he is also a wine maker. I’m sorry… WHAT?! One of my favorite actors also creates one of my favorite beverages. *wipes tears from my eye* Low and behold he produces French wine from just outside of Provence (Southern France), where some of my favorite rose’ wine comes from.

After finding this information out, I do my research and find out that the label is LQLC, Les Quelles de la Coste, and we cannot get in the USA. I’m bummed to say the least, but what are you going to do? Alcohol has regulations that are quite strange and the more I learn about them, the more I wonder why they are so weird. But that is for another post.

Fast forward two years, my husband hands me a Jeroboams bag (A wine store in England) and I hear a familiar “clink” of wine bottles. *Side note: Very rarely does my husband buy wine for me. His drink of choice is Arnold Palmer, Pepsi, or raspberry lemonade. So wine is very outside of this realm and I always get excited when he does buy me wine because there will be a story behind it.*
I unwrap the bottles from the tissue paper, and see the front label which is LQLC, 2014 Pinot Noir. I am not thinking too much about the label and I’m more focused on the fact that my husband remembered I was studying Pinot Noir recently and thought it was a nice gesture, although I was confused as to how he got a Jeroboams bag in the Boston area.

Then he said “read the back label.” As I turned the bottle around, I saw a signature on the side… very small and I knew it right away. I literally squealed with delight and had tears in my eyes! John Malkovich wine! But how?!

Apparently my husband works with an investor who has a home in London, England as well as here in the North East of the USA. As they were chatting one day, my love of wine came up and the limitations we have on getting some wine here in the USA. My sneaky, amazing, loving husband asked if there was a possibility of finding a John Malkovich wine in England so he could just surprise me. Rob, my husband’s investor and now a new favorite person in my book, not only found these bottles to bring back but refused to let my husband pay for them.
What generosity! People always amazing me when it comes to buying things for me. I generally hate having people buy things for me and I’m working on it. I am a horrible gift giver, and I’m also a horrible gift receiver. This was an exception to the rule. I truly felt the generosity pour into the gift of thoughtfulness and love and the lengths my husband will go through, even years after I happened to mention this, to make me happy.

And the wine? Well, one is down in the wine racks in my cool, damp basement. It’s a 2014, but I will be happy to age it a bit longer to see what it’s like next year or the year after that.
It has a smell of strawberry and red cherry for fruit flavors and a little bit of earth or mushroom with some spice on the back end. Flavors are cooked strawberries, almost like a mild fruit jam. The earthy-tones are there like you’re walking through the forest on a warm spring day. The white pepper spice is more prominent in the taste and lingers just a bit on the back. The finish (the taste of the wine after you drink it) is medium, about 15-20 seconds before it starts to get overpowered by the alcohol… which is a whopping 15%!
All in all… this is a delicious Pinot Noir. John Malkovich can add wonderful wine maker to his list of great roles. I just hope he has several sequels to this incredibly yummy wine!

Argentina for the Win… I Mean Wine

Ah, Malbec… the first red wine I remember sipping and it was love at first taste. That was, let’s say, several years ago. But I always go back to my first love.

Malbec is originally a grape that comes from France. But the Argentina climate and soil (the terroir) have made it a great home and it is thriving in this environment. Cucharon (which means ladle or soup spoon) is a blend of Malbec, Petite Verdot, and Tannat. This is a perfect blend for those who love high tannins and high acidity in wine.
What do I mean by high tannins? Tannins are the things in red wine that come from the skins, seeds and stems of a grape. It’s the part of red wine that makes your teeth feel like they are sticking to your lips and tongue. It’s what makes your mouth feel like the moisture is being sucked out as if you were in the desert for 8 hours and need a drink of water. It’s one of the things I adore about red wine.

But it’s also about balance. Your wine should have the right amount of tannin, acid, and sugar to make a good structure. If it’s out of balance, the wine will fall short and you’ll find it just doesn’t feel, taste or smell right.
This wine is a great balance of all of the above. Ripe black fruit aromas and flavors (like cherry, plumb and black currant) along with a hint of sweetness (because of the fruitiness) then add the tannins in for stucture and you have a delicious wine.

So how does this pair with food? Amazingly well! Try this with dried cherries, a roast beef wrap with balsamic vinegar, or a mushroom stuffed with sausage and Parmesan. It would also pair well with a simple charcuterie board. Then again… I’m a sucker for a charcuterie board and you’ll find that I can pair ANY wine with that.

Cheers! May your wine and food be the perfect pairing!

Well folks, I’ve certainly done it this time.
Not necessarily the best title for my first post, but you get what you get with me. Quite often I leap before I look which could turn out horrible in the end. However, I have been thinking about writing a wine blog for some time now. And I’ve done it. My musings on wine.

Am I a professional? Nope. I am taking classes but have a long way to go.
Do I have time? No. More about this in posts-to-come.
Am I an experienced writer? Not even close.
Do I have any wine knowledge? I’m getting there.
Do I love wine? Emphatically… YES!
Have I found an imbalance in the wine world? For sure.
And that last question is why I’m wanting to create this blog.

You see, I love wine. I’ve loved it for many years now. It came to the point that I wanted to increase my knowledge in wine because there is so much I don’t know. But the difficult part of learning about wine is knowing where to start. There is SO much to learn, I felt very lost and incredibly stupid when I would try to look for ways to increase my wine knowledge. My start came as a side business doing personal in home educational wine tasting events. They are fun and I’ve found that in those small settings, even the basics are an unknown to the vast majority of wine lovers! I love the company and the business aspect, the people I meet, as well as the wine we drink. After all, it’s pretty difficult to learn about wine without drinking it.

My goal for this blog is to bring to light the basics of wine, food, how to pair them, how to serve wine properly, and the different wines you can try from around the world. I think with the combination of this list, I could write daily in this blog for the rest of my life and not even scratch the surface of the wine world.
That is why it is so exciting for me. There is so much to learn and I want to help my fellow wine lover know just a little more with each sip.

I can’t guarantee my posts will be long, extensively detailed, or drawn out. But that is kind of my point. Those who love wine and don’t know much about it would rather drink it than read about it.

So pour a glass of your favorite vino and come along for this adventure that is sure to at least entertain… especially if you’ve already had a glass or two.